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Crab deshelling basics (via How to Eat a Blue Crab -


Cooked: Ginger and Scallion Crab

Cooked: Steamed Crabs

We used my Presto pressure cooker, it’s huge and fits about a dozen crabs.

Old Bay and homebrew.

Go to my previous entry on how to steam blue crabs.  

Gone Crabbin’: Oceanic Marina in Rumson NJ

We woke up before sunrise, 4:45 am to be exact, to go crabbing in Jersey. Don’t make the same mistake as me - wear a jacket. I expected a hot sweltering day but who was I kidding? It’s September and 5 in the morning, I was freezing! So much so that I started to regret crabbing. 

My hope and optimism rushed back as soon as we hit water. The sun greeted us with its warm embrace. I’m normally the one hiding from the sun (I tan easily) but I was all about the rays that morning. 

Cooked: Fried Clams served with Whatever-you-can-get Sauce Recipe

Gone Clammin’: Charlestown, RI - Day 3 

We mastered our backyard clamming grounds on the last day! So much so that we experienced a mo’ clams, mo’ problems situation. I lost count of the exact number but we definitely had well over 200 clams, leaving us all dumbfounded on what to do with them. That’s a good problem to have, I didn’t complain.

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Summer vacation plans set for August. I’ll be in the midwest catching flying Asian carp. Will start pinning Asian carp recipes pronto.

(via Redneck Fishing Tournament - Bath Illinois - Flying Asian Carp)


Beach and Narragansett Outing: Charlestown, RI - Day 2

Disappointed by the previous day’s lackluster clam haul, a few of us headed out to explore the beach and town’s offerings.

Cooked: Clam[gasm] Pasta Recipe