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Gone Clammin’: Charlestown, RI - Day 1

I embarked on Rhode Island with high hopes of a record-breaking clam haul. I dreamt of eating nothing but clams for three days straight. In preparation, I even scored some Teva water shoes for endless days of clamming. 

Sadly, we had a bit of a rough start. After digging for 30 minutes, I didn’t even find one clam! I felt so demoralized that I had to take a clam break to recollect my thoughts. I pushed on and and in the end, found three nice-sized Quahog* clams. The key to finding clams is to find soft and smooth patches of mud. The kind that sucks your shoes/feet to the bottom. Avoid rough, sandy spots.

At last, I gave up for the day and banked on the boys to catch enough clams for the 14 person dinner. While the boys were hard at work, I supplemented supper with my signature burgers and wings. By sunset, ~90 clams were caught, enough for a clam pasta. Stay tuned for the recipe in my next post!
*Some fun clam facts: Clams are classified by their size and shape. There are nine types of clam varieties, Quahog being one of them. Quahog is derived from the Narraganset Indian word poquauhock. (Narraganset is a town, less than 30 minutes away from Charlestown, RI)

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